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We have been helping businesses market themselves successfully with optimal results.

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Social Network Web Design

Social Network Web Design

We have been writing social networks for many years and have gathered a lot of information from the many projects we have worked on.  We know what works and what doesn't work.  We know what niches are more favourable. We know the importance of not saturating your new social network with too many functions.

Social Networks are such a massive part of every day life and with figures suggestion that Facebook numbers are starting to decline it won't be long till people are looking for something a little different. Already, many people are visiting niche social networks, protected from the bombardment of irrelevant news feed posts.

If you are serious about your project then please get in touch as we can advise you on exactly what route to take and also how to save a massive chunk of money by getting it right the first time. The biggest pitfall of most entrepreneurs is they forget their marketing strategy. We can help you with that too. We can discuss your strategy before any web design begins.

Design and Layout

We have a standard layout that is available to begin your Social Network.  This is a well written and well tested platform to get your Social Network off the ground.  Many of our clients want a fresh and unique layout for their landing and profile pages.  Our designers can tailor the look and feel to your needs.


We have a fixed starting price of £2000.  This includes most of the main features, logo design, styling, and simple layout changes.

For some clients this is a big chunk of their budget so we offer a payment plan over 2 years to soften the blow.  Most social network take a few years to start to catch on so if you really are on a tight budget then this could be great timing for a big marketing push after the first 2 years.

Social Network Development Testimonial

" Firstly I wish to state that on completion of my website I was confident that Magpie Website Solutions were the right company for me to go with and I had absolutely no regrets about my decision to have them build my vision.
The designer Steve with whom I worked with throughout the building & design of my social network was highly professional and understood my needs and requirements for the business. My main concern in choosing a designer was that they would grasp the concept of what I wished to create and I felt Steve met these expectations and in fact surpassed them. I would very much recommend anyone to go with Magpie Website Solutions. My website was quite detailed and I wanted a specific look. I felt more than happy with the results and in the near future will be developing the website with Steve as I consider him a talented website designer and one of whom I can place trust in. Anyone considering a new website, or building a vision of their own should feel confident about picking this company to work with - I myself can honestly state that I was beyond satisfied and pleased to the highest degree with the work that was done."
Katrina - Musictree Owner
Tell us your requirements here: Social Network Web Design Enquiry

Social Network Website Design Features


  • tag clouds appear on all pages for blogs, music and video modules
  • modules settings:
    • enable/disable module
    • minimum and maximum amount of tags to show
    • minimum string length of a tag
    • minimum and maximum font sizes
    • cache lifetime

Social Bookmarking

  • social bookmarking buttons appear on blogs, music and video view pages
  • admin can enable/disable module and setup engines
  • default engines:
    • Favourites (browser favourites)
    • Del.icio.us
    • Digg
    • Furl
    • Magnolia
    • StumbleUpon
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Yahoo
    • Technorati
    • BlinkList


  • members can send voice or video messages to each other
  • members can post audio or video testimonials for other members
  • audio/video blogging
  • audio/video comments for blog posts, music entries and video uploads
  • admin is able to setup a limit of disk space allocated for each user's multimedia content

Video Chat

  • members can invite each other to a video chat
  • ability to ignore user
  • admin is able to setup daily user usage time for video chat


  • members can upload music media files (sound or video)
  • members can input external embed tags (such as YouTube, Yahoo! Videos)
  • other members can listen/view medias, vote for them and leave comments
  • ability to search music by artist or title name
  • ability to browse music files
  • unique MP3 player is used to play MP3 files


  • members can upload their fun/home videos and put them to various categories
  • members can input external embed tags (such as YouTube, Yahoo! Videos)
  • other members can view videos, vote for them and leave comments
  • ability to search for video files
  • ability to browse videos by categories
  • all videos are converted into the FLV format during upload
  • screenshots are created on the fly
  • unique FLV player is used to play video files

Flash Chat rooms and Instant Messenger

  • members can chat in public rooms or in club-private rooms
  • members can send each other instant messages
  • IM supports smileys
  • members can add their friends to IM contacts lists and get instant notifications if any of them comes online


  • full control over profile questions and sections
  • members can choose a preset template for their profile or create their own using HTML and CSS tags, just like they do it on myspace.com
  • members can easily add sound or video to their profile, which will be automatically embedded into their profile page
  • profile page includes a brief list of member's recent blogs, classifieds, events, clubs and a preview of member's photo album
  • profiles can be bookmarked

Photo Rating

  • members can upload their photos and allow other members to vote for them and leave comments
  • top lists: any gender, male and female separate top lists

social network development


  • members are not limited to just one blog and can start a blog for each topic they want to share their throughts for
  • other members can post comments for each blog post
  • ability to attach images to the post
  • ability to personalize blog by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
  • blogs can be bookmarked


  • members can post their classified ads and put them in a particular category/subcategory
  • other members can send replies for classified ads
  • ability to upload an image for the ad
  • ability to personalize classified ad by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
  • classifieds can be bookmarked

social network website design


  • members can announce date/time/location based events
  • other members can attend events and see who's already in an attendees list
  • ability to personalize event by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
  • events can be bookmarked

social network development


  • members can create clubs with different access level: public (anyone can join), moderated (moderator approves/declines join requests from other members), private (invitation only)
  • each club includes club classifieds, club events, club discussion board, club photos
  • moderator of the club has an ability to manage members (delete existing members or invite new ones)
  • ability to personalize club by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
  • clubs can be bookmarked


  • members can send eCards to other members of your site or to their "external" friends
  • ability to send eCards immediately or on date
  • senders get notifications when their eCard has been picked up by each recipient
  • ability to personalize eCard by choosing a template, modify colors, use custom CSS tags
  • eCards are being stored in "My Sent eCards" and "My Received eCards" special folders


  • create multiple membership packages
  • setup prices and payment periods for each package
  • setup per-page or per-module access levels for each package
  • offer members the ability to pay for making their blogs, classifieds, events or clubs to appear in "Featured" lists
  • create advertisement campaigns
  • upload banners or use external ad tags (such as Google AdSence or Overture)
  • setup targeting for campaign ads: per-page targeting, geo targeting, categories targeting
  • track sales history
  • ability to approve pending orders manually


  • admin can create and manage forums
  • members can post topics (HTML tags support, smileys)
  • members can post replies to other topics


  • users can create their own polls with a question and a number of answers
  • other members can vote for their preferred answers and see statistics on how others have voted
  • admin can approve / disapprove every new poll

Members are able to send a message to all of their friends at the same moment. These messages will appear in a special "Bulletins Space" section.
Photo Albums
Members can upload photos and put them to their photo albums. They can also limit access to each album for various groups of members.
Instant Notifications
Members will see instant notifications at the right-bottom of their screen when their friend comes online, when there's a new visitor on their profile, when new message arrives and when there's a calendar reminder set for the current moment.
Geo-Positioning System
The Social Networking Solution comes with a complete DB of world countries, states and cities, from which members can choose their location. Script then uses this data to calculate distance between members or return search results within specified distance.
Unique "Colorize Template" feature
Your members can personalize their profile, blog, classified ad, event or club by changing colors of the chosen template. It's not just CSS style modifications - it's ACTUALLY colorizing images, used in a template.
Well-known multiplatform HTML editor TinyMCE (http://tinymce.moxiecode.com) is integrated into all modules. It will help your members to create HTML-enhanced content for their profile, blog post, classified ad or event description without making them learn HTML.


Social Network Web Design Enquiry

Welcome to the Social Network Web Design Contact page.

Please use the form to give us as much information as possible in order that we can complete your social network web design to your requirements.

Because of our advanced scripting software we are able to design your social network quickly and far more affordably than anyone else. Because of this we get a lot of requests so please be sure to let us know when you require your social network web design so that we can fit you in to our schedule.  This way we can be sure that we get your social network complete by the go live date set by you.

We make the design process very easy for you.  We keep you in the loop all the way through the development phase.  It is important that your social network web design is completed to your satisfaction as 60% of our work comes from referrals from happy customers.

Due to the amount of competition in the online social network business many of our clients like to keep their social networks hidden from other entrepreneurs.  If you also wish to keep your website anonymous then please let us know and we won't show it in our portfolio pages.

We have a very simple testing structure to make sure that any issues with your website are fixed before you go live.  To ensure that everything goes smoothly we recommend that you put by at least 4 hours for testing.  This is precautionary and we rarely have any issues once the build is complete but it is also a good way to get to know the system thoroughly. 

Tell Us About your Social Network Requirements

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Four kinds of plan for your choices

One Page
  • Free setup
  • One Email Address
  • One Page
  • Basic Logo
  • Contact Form
  • Content Management System
  • Six months free hosting
Three Pages
  • Free setup
  • Three Email Addresses
  • Three Pages
  • Bespoke Logo
  • Contact Form
  • Content Management System
  • One year free hosting
Six Pages
  • Free setup
  • Ten Email Addresses
  • Six Pages
  • Bespoke Logo
  • Contact Form
  • Content Management System
  • One year free hosting
Ten+ Pages
  • Free setup
  • Ten Email Addresses
  • Ten+ Pages
  • Bespoke Logo
  • Contact Form
  • Content Management System
  • One year free hosting

Custom Websites

Tailored to your Requirements

We have completed many bespoke websites based on our clients requirements,

Bespoke websites can often be cheaper than some of our more advanced packages depending on what is involved exactly.

Magpie Website Solutions are specialists in Social Networking websites. With a host of social networking sites under our belts we can provide you with the functionality you require in your website. We have been working with Social Network Web Design for over 7 years.

Magpie Website Solutions offers eCommerce website solutions for your business. With full product management and payment option we offer several eCommerce options and the web design to suit your business.

Get in touch with us


We are small team of Geeks that love building things!

About Steve

Looking for an ethical web developer?  As a Senior Graduate of the largest personal development company in the world I know that the best way to do business is with integrity.  This is why I give my clients absolute value for the amount of work I do.  Did you know that almost all web design companies overcharge their clients by 60%?  I give my clients free advice about their requirements even if this means they don't use my services.  I don't want to you spend valuable money on a website that could be used more effectively on other marketing techniques.  Get in touch for a free website requirements analysis.

About Magpie Website Solutions

Magpie Website Solutions is a website development company that tailors its websites for optimal usability and security with the aim of giving you not only a quick development turn around, but also a website with a professional edge. With over 20 years of programming experience, from working for banking corporations to health care institutions we provide excellent customer service.

One of the areas we specialise in is Social Networking Website Design. We have 6 years experience in developing social networks and have produced over 10 social networks in that time.

With a dedicated graphic designer, a dedicated PHP programmer and a dedicated web design consultant you are guaranteed a website that fits your needs exactly.

Our aim is to provide cheap website solutions for small businesses and where ever we can keep the costs down, we will. We are a small business ourselves and prefer it that way as we enjoy the friendly interaction we have with our clients.

If you have any questions about your solution then please feel free to call us for some free advice and a quote on 07950 747366

Why us?

  • Up to date technology
  • Competitive rates
  • Friendly client interaction
  • Professionals with 20 years exp.
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Free hosting for a year
  • Free domain registration
  • Cutting edge Web Design

Our skills

What we are good at

  • Programming Languages100%
  • Design100%
  • Photoshop99%
  • Illustrator99%
  • HTML599%
  • jQuery90%
  • Javascript90%

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