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New Religious Christian Social Network, ‘Godinterest’ Inspired by Pinterest

Taking on the idea behind Pinterest, Godinterest is a new Christian social network that has given religious communication a new meaning. It allows members to share and upload photographs from all over the world and create boards for connecting better. It is perfect for those who like Pinterest but have wanted to share only within the Christian community; Godinterest is a good religious alternative while being family friendly. Created and established by Dean Jones, a devout Christian, the online photo sharing social network will stress on only Christian content.

35-year old Dean Jones is based in London and said that Pinterest is known world-wide for letting members share a lot of content but is mostly photo sharing. As Christians, most of the people need to consider the values that they are bound to by the religion and with Christian social network Godinterest people will be able to share exclusively within a Christian community.

He said that in the busy pace of life today, Christian ministers need to stay in touch with the people through social networks. With this specific social media channel, even beginners will be able to connect, advertise and talk about their business brands.

Unique social network for Wigan primary school students

In Wigan, a primary school has recently launched a social network that is designed to protect the primary school children from the ill effects of social media and internet. A joint effort by a few junior schools, Britannia Bridge Primary School has launched the networking website, The Bridge that aids in teaching the young pupils methods of using the internet safely. It has been designed such that the social network is only accessible to the students and the teachers.

Considered to be groundbreaking, the new networking website shall be a model for other websites in the project. As per the teachers who have helped develop it, The Bridge shall form the basis of others that are in the design phase all cross the country.

As per Damon Donaldson, who is the head teacher at the primary school, Britannia Bridge the best aspect of the social network for students and teachers is that it is not just an idea but it is working and primary school students all across the country shall benefit from it. As it helps them learn how to safely use online communication instead of risking their personal safety online. Head of IT at the school, Maria Temel said that they had a lot of negative cases at school due to the children’s misuse of social media and as there was no means to help them learn safety online, we decided to build it.

New Social Network Choices for Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Most of the health care professionals use social networks to stay in touch with colleagues, friends and family while it has been seen that most of them join specific healthcare social networks to collaborate and stay in touch. The best aspect of exclusive social networks is that the providers find accurate advice on medical issues, know and share job openings and discuss research with peers. While the social networks focused on patients, there are numerous social media channels built around a specific disease. It gives patients assistance to deal with the symptoms, know treatments and provides a support community for insights, leads on managing the disease.

While CureDiva, a social network for breast cancer survivors and patients has high traffic as per Ester Gofer, co-founder. She says that the users can choose the level of privacy they need for sharing content. Doximity CEO Jeff Tangney, as quoted in InformationWeek had expressed his opinion that having a doctors’ only social network was important as the fine line demarcating patients was needed to maintain professionalism and sanity. As even friendly terms with patients on social networks is viewed as privacy violations.

Additionally, the security problems usually associated with Facebook and the other networks makes health care professionals and patients hesitate while posting details.  While these exclusive health care and patient focused social networks have stringent privacy policies and makes the users feel secure about expressing their private information.

Chinese Users Eyed By Social Networks Globally

In Beijing, the key topic of discussions and debate at the Global Mobile Internet Conference was social networks and media. Although there is a move towards stricter control and stiff competition in the social media industry which is dominated by local companies, global social networks are looking to enter the Chinese homes.

Over 600 million Chinese using internet and half of them logging into social media, it is about the population of about 5 European countries.  In China, Weibo (like Twitter) and WeChat (WhatsApp and Facebook) are the social networking services as Facebook is not authorized yet. Even then, it has over 820,000 users. Though most of the international social media companies are not available in China, a few of them are making inroads in the intensely competitive market. LinkedIn is one of the few companies that has launched a Chinese language service and has over 4 million users.

President of LinkedIn China, Derek Shen said that most of the top management has Japanese and Americans globally but there aren’t many Chinese. This is because China still doesn’t have a good platform to connect the professionals internationally. Now the reach of LinkedIn China is expanding through Chinese social media. Chinese advertise on social networks to connect with oversees suppliers, which has been successful. Making inroads into the tightly controlled social media, foreign social networks will need to adapt to cultural, language and regulatory barriers.

Experts say Google+ isn’t a social network anymore

With the exit of Vic Gundotra, the question arises about the validity of the social network, Google+, which was his primary project that has now ended. Multiple reports talk about end of Google+ as a social network,  as it has been unable to keep pace with the other leading networking websites. Effectively, Google+ competition with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites has ended as Gundotra steps down.

Is it the end of Google+?

But Google representative have denied the claim saying that the news will have no impact on the company’s endeavors towards the social networking site as the company intends to keeping on building the photos, hangouts and Google+. However, the appointment of new Google+ head of Products, Dave Besbris is being seen as the end of user-centric social networking tool.

Today Google+ is being seen as a failed social network and the team at Google, involved in the development is of the same view. They have been wondering why anyone would use it when there are faster, easier and better social networks available online. The view that is being professed is that Google might stop the compulsory integration with Google+ on its other products. While the company officially announced that the teams are being reshuffled to form a new core team.

Popular social network apps, Secret allows anonymous postings

Conceived and launched by ex-Google employees, David Byttow and Chris Bader, the new social network apps, Secret is a huge hit in US and now is being launched in UK. The anonymous social network, Secret belongs to a new breed of networking that allows members to have no profiles or names. This allows them to speak freely and all posts are completely anonymous.

Within 2 months of its release, it has made $8.6 million. They wanted to create a space for people about their lives without having a feeling of being judged. The surprising aspect is that this platform is being used by whistleblowers. However, users have to add 2-3 members before they can start posting online to make sure that it is anonymous.

And when a user likes someone’s posts, it gets shared by your friends automatically. The founders are of the view that it gives a chance to people to spread around great ideas. But it allows rumors and gossips to spread faster too. Currently it is only available on iPhone through an Android apps is in the making. Experts worry about the social network apps being used for cyberbullying and hateful gossips.


With higher mobility, social networking giant Facebook’s revenues increase to 72%

With a 72% increase in the profits for the first quarter, social media giant Facebook has put the onus on the strong mobile advertising business. For Facebook, the giant social networking service, mobile advertising is about 59% of the total revenue generated in the first quarter of 2014. Facebook has been focusing on the increase in the growth of the members using the service on smartphones with affordable internet plans. A host of applications running on the social network which have been designed for mobile platforms has ensured that more people login all over the world.

According to Mark Zuckerberg the company has made long term strategies that include staying focused on improving the business and products. Another announcement was made about David Ebersman, CFO stepping down and he will be succeeded by Vice President Facebook, Dave Wehner. Zuckerberg said that David has been an important part of building Facebook and he is grateful for all that he has done for the company to keep the communication all over the world. He said he was looking forward to working with Dave as the next CFO.

Outgoing CFO, David Ebersman said that he considered it his privilege to be working with Facebook and he was glad to be a part of their team. He said that he had complete confidence that Dave Wehner has the ability to lead the teams in the future.

‘Hornet’, top gay social network has over 3 million users in 2 years

Lack of online gay forums or networks or those that were in place sounded too ‘sleazy’, led Sean Howell and a few others to establish Hornet. Though it was a profitable mobile service focusing on helping men find dates, but there was no feature of general socializing. As an app, it filled in the gap for the eager audience and within a short span of 2 years, the social networking apps has managed to attract over 3 million users worldwide. With over 20% increase every month, Howell said that the apps was not just popular in US but users as far as Turkey, Russia, Brazil and France have been using it.

When they launched it in 2011, the first day the servers crashed because there were too many people signing on. Howell said that they are constantly trying to catch up with the growing demand but he said that meeting such demand as a CEO can be a struggle.  He he has managed to raise $2 million, he was of the view that he didn’t need any more as the apps makes money by selling premium accounts and advertising revenue. The premium account didn’t have any advertisements and account for the major revenue for the company.

Work4 gets $7 million funding to enhance recruitments using social network apps

An online recruiting service, Work4 utilizes social networks to find job leads and advertise vacancies, has raised $7 million in new funding to expand in international markets.  It was led by existing financial investors, Matrix Partners while the new investor is the French venture capitalists, Serena Capital. Before this funding, the company Work4 has been able to raise $11 million from CEO at Hearsay Social, Clara Shih and ex-President Monster.com, Steve Pogorzelski.

According to Stéphane Le Viet, CEO and co-founder at Work4, the need of the time is to tap into the social networking user base and ‘turn fans into brand’ employees. He said that the current online recruiting market is being dominated by Indeed.com and Monster.com which are highly inefficient because they do not cater to the time that people spend on social networks and social media channels. He is conversant with this market as he had co-founded, MultiPosting, another online recruitment company before establishing Work4.

He was of the view that Work4 will benefit by the social networks and when consumers become employees, it helps. The retail and sales companies can leverage to get better candidates by looking into the social network fan base. Work4 has worked with companies like Hard Rock Café, Groupon, Gap, AIG, L’Oreal and Intel to name a few.

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What features or modules does your Social Network really need?

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