New Religious Christian Social Network, ‘Godinterest’ Inspired by Pinterest

Taking on the idea behind Pinterest, Godinterest is a new Christian social network that has given religious communication a new meaning. It allows members to share and upload photographs from all over the world and create boards for connecting better. It is perfect for those who like Pinterest but have wanted to share only within the Christian community; Godinterest is a good religious alternative while being family friendly. Created and established by Dean Jones, a devout Christian, the online photo sharing social network will stress on only Christian content.

35-year old Dean Jones is based in London and said that Pinterest is known world-wide for letting members share a lot of content but is mostly photo sharing. As Christians, most of the people need to consider the values that they are bound to by the religion and with Christian social network Godinterest people will be able to share exclusively within a Christian community.

He said that in the busy pace of life today, Christian ministers need to stay in touch with the people through social networks. With this specific social media channel, even beginners will be able to connect, advertise and talk about their business brands.