Social Network Web Design

We have been writing social networks for many years and have gathered a lot of information from the many projects we have worked on.  We know what works and what doesn’t work.  We know what niches are more favourable. We know the importance of not saturating your new social network with too many functions.

Social Networks are such a massive part of every day life and with figures suggestion that Facebook numbers are starting to decline it won’t be long till people are looking for something a little different. Already, many people are visiting niche social networks, protected from the bombardment of irrelevant news feed posts.

If you are serious about your project then please get in touch as we can advise you on exactly what route to take and also how to save a massive chunk of money by getting it right the first time. The biggest pitfall of most entrepreneurs is they forget their marketing strategy. We can help you with that too. We can discuss your strategy before any web design begins.

Design and Layout

We have a standard layout that is available to begin your Social Network.  This is a well written and well tested platform to get your Social Network off the ground.  Many of our clients want a fresh and unique layout for their landing and profile pages.  Our designers can tailor the look and feel to your needs.


We have a fixed starting price of £3000.  This includes most of the main features, logo design, styling, and simple layout changes.

For some clients this is a big chunk of their budget so we offer a payment plan over 2 years to soften the blow.  Most social network take a few years to start to catch on so if you really are on a tight budget then this could be great timing for a big marketing push after the first 2 years.

Social Network Development Testimonial

Firstly I wish to state that on completion of my website I was confident that Magpie Website Solutions were the right company for me to go with and I had absolutely no regrets about my decision to have them build my vision.
The designer Steve with whom I worked with throughout the building & design of my social network was highly professional and understood my needs and requirements for the business. My main concern in choosing a designer was that they would grasp the concept of what I wished to create and I felt Steve met these expectations and in fact surpassed them. I would very much recommend anyone to go with Magpie Website Solutions. My website was quite detailed and I wanted a specific look. I felt more than happy with the results and in the near future will be developing the website with Steve as I consider him a talented website designer and one of whom I can place trust in. Anyone considering a new website, or building a vision of their own should feel confident about picking this company to work with – I myself can honestly state that I was beyond satisfied and pleased to the highest degree with the work that was done.
Katrina – Musictree Owner
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