Unique social network for Wigan primary school students

In Wigan, a primary school has recently launched a social network that is designed to protect the primary school children from the ill effects of social media and internet. A joint effort by a few junior schools, Britannia Bridge Primary School has launched the networking website, The Bridge that aids in teaching the young pupils methods of using the internet safely. It has been designed such that the social network is only accessible to the students and the teachers.

Considered to be groundbreaking, the new networking website shall be a model for other websites in the project. As per the teachers who have helped develop it, The Bridge shall form the basis of others that are in the design phase all cross the country.

As per Damon Donaldson, who is the head teacher at the primary school, Britannia Bridge the best aspect of the social network for students and teachers is that it is not just an idea but it is working and primary school students all across the country shall benefit from it. As it helps them learn how to safely use online communication instead of risking their personal safety online. Head of IT at the school, Maria Temel said that they had a lot of negative cases at school due to the children’s misuse of social media and as there was no means to help them learn safety online, we decided to build it.