Experts say Google+ isn’t a social network anymore

With the exit of Vic Gundotra, the question arises about the validity of the social network, Google+, which was his primary project that has now ended. Multiple reports talk about end of Google+ as a social network,  as it has been unable to keep pace with the other leading networking websites. Effectively, Google+ competition with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites has ended as Gundotra steps down.

Is it the end of Google+?

But Google representative have denied the claim saying that the news will have no impact on the company’s endeavors towards the social networking site as the company intends to keeping on building the photos, hangouts and Google+. However, the appointment of new Google+ head of Products, Dave Besbris is being seen as the end of user-centric social networking tool.

Today Google+ is being seen as a failed social network and the team at Google, involved in the development is of the same view. They have been wondering why anyone would use it when there are faster, easier and better social networks available online. The view that is being professed is that Google might stop the compulsory integration with Google+ on its other products. While the company officially announced that the teams are being reshuffled to form a new core team.