Popular social network apps, Secret allows anonymous postings

Conceived and launched by ex-Google employees, David Byttow and Chris Bader, the new social network apps, Secret is a huge hit in US and now is being launched in UK. The anonymous social network, Secret belongs to a new breed of networking that allows members to have no profiles or names. This allows them to speak freely and all posts are completely anonymous.

Within 2 months of its release, it has made $8.6 million. They wanted to create a space for people about their lives without having a feeling of being judged. The surprising aspect is that this platform is being used by whistleblowers. However, users have to add 2-3 members before they can start posting online to make sure that it is anonymous.

And when a user likes someone’s posts, it gets shared by your friends automatically. The founders are of the view that it gives a chance to people to spread around great ideas. But it allows rumors and gossips to spread faster too. Currently it is only available on iPhone through an Android apps is in the making. Experts worry about the social network apps being used for cyberbullying and hateful gossips.